Official Survey Remover

We present you our official survey remover, updated and working as of March 2014.

Watch the video tutorial above for working proof.
Enter your survey link into the search bar on the right and click on “Go” to remove the annoying survey.

We developed this tool so that the internet community can receive content for free. It took us a considerable amount of time to develop this program and to make it accessible to everyone. Therefore we would be very pleased if you like our youtube video and subscribe to our official channel. Thank you!
Survey Remover DownloadSurvey Remover Download
Step 1: Enter your link from the survey website or download you want to unlock in the search bar below. Click on “Go” to start!

Step 2: Survey Remover ToolSurvey Remover Tool
When the process has finished click on your unlocked link below to get your download or your unlocked website

Enter link in here (ex.

Picture Proof of Survey Remover

File name of Survey fileFile name of Survey file
1.Copy survey link
Save unlocked file on your computerSave unlocked file on your computer
2.Save unlocked file
Unlocked file has been downloaded onto your computerUnlocked File has been downloaded onto your computer
3.File downloaded
Proof that file is in download folderProof that file is in download folder
4.Downloaded file in folder